Muroran Institute of Technology Student Branch Establishment Ceremony

Hokkaido University SB participated in the ceremony for the establishment of the IEEE Muroran Institute of Technology SB held on Aug 2 at Muroran Institute of Technology. The IEEE Muroran Institute of Technology SB was officially established on Mar 13. Before this establishment, only one SB exists in Hokkaido, Hokkaido University SB. I hope that this SB establishment contributes in-depth knowledge exchange and valuable networking among SBs in Hokkaido.

At the ceremony, SB activities and student research topics were presented by both SBs. Also, a special lecture entitled “Privacy and Trust Issues in Vehicular Networks” was given by Prof. Priyadarsi Nanda of University of Technology Sydney. At the end of the ceremony, a special cake commemorating the establishment appeared in a surprise. A cake-cutting ceremony was performed by Counselors and Chairs of both SBs, and IEEE Sapporo Section Chair. Everyone ate the cake deliciously. After the ceremony, a networking meeting was held to deepen exchange.

IEEE Student Branch Leadership Training Workshop 2019

Mr. Takanashi and Mr. Kawabata participated in IEEE SBLTW 2019 held at Waseda University on May 25 (Sat)-May 26 (Sun) as representatives of Hokkaido University Student Branch.

On the 25th, we started with a self-introduction and reported the activities of each SB in a poster session format. Since each university is unique in its activities, we were able to exchange meaningful opinions with each other. At the welcome reception, student activities committee members and students from each branch exchanged information about not only student branch activities but also research topics frankly.

On the 26th, we had a group discussion under a theme specified by Waseda University SB. IEEE Quiz deepened our understanding of IEEE. The group discussion was a valuable chance to discuss with other university students. Before discussions, we enjoyed “Ogiri” conducted by Waseda University SB. Thanks to Waseda University SB, whose members conducted this workshop with formal, casual, and enjoyable styles, we had a good two days.