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PhD Defense (Mr. Federico Mendoza Ang)

On Jan 27, Mr. Federico Mendoza Ang made his PhD defenses presentation at IST Building Room 11-17. The title of his dissertation is the following.

  • Federico Ang, A Study of Noise-Robust Speech Recognition and Time-Varying Speech Features, 2016

Hokkaido Regional TLO News (北海道広域TLO通信) Vol.91

All contents shown in this post is only in Japanese. The research topic of Assoc. Prof. Tsutsui can be found on Hokkaido Regional TLO News (北海道広域TLO通信) vol.91 and the web site of Institute for the Promotion of Business-Regional Collaboration, Hokkaido University. The content is basically same as that of Hokkaido University Research Profiles 2.

The Future of Mobile Networks: 5G and Beyond (Advanced Lectures in Media and Network Technology II, 2015) Lecture 3, 4 (13:00-16:15, Aug. 3)

An intensive course entitled “The Future of Mobile Networks: 5G and Beyond” is now in process. For the details, please visit here.
On Aug. 3, Lectures 3 and 4 were held. Since the number of lectures is 8 in total, half of them are finished. Dr. Gengfa Fang (Lecturer of Macquarie University, Australia) is a visiting lecturer of Hokkaido University. This lecture is a part of his visiting program.

PARE Program Final Presentations

Today, three international students from Thailand have made their final presentations at Hokkaido University. This is a part of Hokkaido University PARE Program.

In our laboratory, three international students, Ms. Teeranoot Japunya, Mr. Vasitphon Pawankiattikun, and Mr. Khamphuea Somkiat, from Thammasat University, Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thailand, are staying as special audit students from Jan. 8, 2015. They will leave Japan the end of July.

During their almost seven months stay at Hokkaido University, they studied hard for researching their topics and learning new fields with other students of our laboratory. Today was the official closing ceremony with their presentations. I’m please to say their presentations were excellent.