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AUN/SEED-Net CRI Meeting, July 2014

We held a meeting of AUN/SEED-Net CRI (Collaborative Research Program with Industry) with the program members.

Meeting with Faculty Staffs and Students from Thammasat University

Prof. Rachada Kongkachandra (Thammasat University, Thailand) with her colleagues and students visited our laboratory. We presented the research topics to each other and discussed them.

BBQ party 2014

On July 15, we held a BBQ party at the university campus after a research meeting. I’m happy that I interacted with my labmates from various countries.

Smart Info-media Systems (SIS) Technical Committee Conference, 9-11 July at Hokkaido University

Mr. Umehara presented our research achievements at Smart Info-media Systems (SIS) Technical Committee (TC) Conference held in Hokkaido University Centennial Hall on 10th July. This TC Conference was cosponsored by SIS-TC and TCs from System and Signal Processing Sub-Society (SSP) which includes Circuits and Systems (CAS), VLSI Design Technologies (VLD), Signal Processing (SIP), and Mathematical Systems Science and Its Applications (MSS). Assoc. Prof. Tsutsui served as one of local organizers.

  • Masahito Umehara, Hiroshi Tsutsui, Yoshikazu Miyanaga, “Doppler-Resistant Channel Estimation Method Using RLS Algorithm for MIMO-OFDM Systems,” IEICE Technical Report, 9-11 Jul. 2014 (in Japanese). [URL]

Won a best paper award in ITC-CSCC 2013

The following paper presented in the last year’s ITC-CSCC (2013) won a best paper award.

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Media Network Laboratory IB—Digital circuit design using FPGA board

The topic operated by our laboratyry for Media Network Laboratory IB changed to digital circuit design using FPGA board this year. 3rd-year undergraduate students tried to implement a calculator on Altera’s DE0 FPGA board.

Lecture by Prof. Yo-Sung Ho from Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)

A technical lecture related to 3D video was given by Prof. Yo-Sung Ho from GIST. M2 Matsuura, M1 Inatsuki, and M1 Dabwitso made presentation about their works.

Date: 14:30-, July 4, 2014
Room: 11-17, Grad School of IST Building, Hokkaido University
Title: MPEG Activities for 3D Video Coding
Lecturer: Professor Yo-Sung Ho (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology)

Hokkokai (北工会) Sports Day 2014

We took part in the annual Sports Day as members of Division of Media and Network Technologies Course. Mr. Imai who participated in the 80-meter dash finished first place and won a prize. He made a substantial contribution to bring our division to 7th place from the 17 competing divisions.