Monthly Archives: March 2016

ICN Lab. Graduation Party 2016

On 23 Mar, we had a graduation party.

Degree Conferral Ceremony and Graduation Party 2016 (Fiscal Year 2015)

On 24 Mar., the degree conferral ceremony of Course/Division of Media Network Technologies was held. Graduation celebration party was also held at 11-17, IST Building. The following is the list of given degrees for each. All doctor and master students will leave our laboratory. I look forward to seeing you again in the future. Please accept my best wishes for your continued success.

  • Doctor, Federico Mendoza Ang
  • Master, Takahiro Inatsuki
  • Master, Sukeyuki Iwata
  • Master, Shinya Moriyama
  • Bachelor, Takahiro Ikeshita
  • Bachelor, Kenta Sugiyama
  • Bachelor, Shohei Kikuchi


IEICE Young Researcher’s Award

Mr. Seijiro Imai won IEICE Young Researcher’s Award for the following presentation at IEICE Society Conference. The award ceremony was held on Mar. 17 during IEICE General Conference at Kyushu University Ito Campus.

  • Seijiro Imai, Dabwitso Kasauka, Takashi Imagawa, Hiroshi Tsutsui, Hiroyuki Okuhata, Yoshikazu Miyanaga, “Computational Cost Reduction of Iterative Shrinkage Smoothing Based Image Enhancement,” IEICE Society Conference, p. 144, A-20-4, Sep. 2015 (in Japanese).

IEICE Hokkaido Section Student Council Internet Symposium 2016 Best Presentation Award

Mr. Aoki, a 2nd-year master student, won one of the best presentation awards at IEICE Hokkaido Section Student Council Internet Symposium 2016 for the following presentation.

  • Hikaru Aoki, Takashi Imagawa, Hiroshi Tsutsui, Yoshikazu Miyanaga, “An Evaluation of Data Traffic Reduction for 3D Reconstruction Using a Wireless Network Camera System,” Proceedings of IEICE Hokkaido Section Student Council Internet Symposium, Feb. 2016 (in Japanese).