Monthly Archives: July 2017

GI-CoRE GSQ, GSB & IGM Joint Symposium

At GI-CoRE GSQ, GSB & IGM Joint Symposium held on July 10-11 in Hokkaido University, Ms. Myat Hsu Aung made the following presentation. More specifically, her presentation is one of the student presentations for GSB Workshop held on July 11.

  • Myat Hsu Aung, Hiroshi Tsutsui, Yoshikazu Miyanaga, “An Implementation of WiFi Based Indoor Positioning System Using Estimated Reference Locations,” GI-CoRE GSQ, GSB & IGM Joint Symposium, Jul. 2017.

Hokkokai (北工会) Sports Day 2017

The annual Sports Day was held on 30 June. Our division was 8th place from the 14 competing divisions. The result can be found here but in Japanese.