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RCS Conference and IEICE RCS Presentation Award for Young Researcher

Mr. Kumaki presented his research in a hybrid online format at the January 2023 Wireless Communication Systems Workshop held at Maebashi Terrsa (Maebashi, Gunma) on January 24-25. This presentation is a fundamental study on decoding of short code length Polar codes using neural networks.

  • Reona Kumaki, Hiroshi Tsutsui, Takeo Ohgane, “A Fundamental Study on Decoding Short Length Polar Codes by Deep Learning,” IEICE Technical Report, Vol. 122, No. 357(RCS), pp. 132-135, IT2022-52, SIP2022-103, RCS2022-231, 24-25 Jan. 2023 (in Japanese).

His presentation won the IEICE RCS Presentation Award for Young Researcher.