IEEE Japan SYWL Workshop, IEEE SBLTW 2017

Kikuchi and Yamada participated as IEEE Hokkaido University Student Branch to IEEE Japan SYWL(Student/Young Professionals/Women in Engineering/Life Member) Workshop held on March 3 at the Chiba Institute of Technology, and IEEE SBLTW (Student Branch Leadership Training Workshop) 2017 held on March 4 at the Makuhari Messe.

At IEEE Japan SYWL Workshop, we discussed on the theme “Next Generation of IEEE” and presented it in English.
At IEEE SBLTW, we had a poster session about our activity in 2016.

We also participated in IEEE Japan Sections’ 60th Anniversary Celebration and Welcome Reception that was held at the same time.

2016 Joint Convention Record, the Hokkaido Chapters of the Institutes of Electrical and Information Engineers, Japan

A student exchange meeting of the joint planning session of IEICE Hokkaido University student branch (Chair: Mr. Miyajima) and IEEE Hokkaido University student branch at the Hokkaido branch association meeting was held at 2016 Joint Convention, the Hokkaido Chapters of the Institutes of Electrical and Information Engineers, in Hokkai-Gakuen University Yamahana Campus on Nov 5th-6th. A total of six people, the four universities, Hokkaido University, Hokkai-Gakuen University, Muroran Institute of Technology, Kitami Institute of Technology, presented the activity report of the academic society to which they belonged and the situation of regular research life.

Uesaka the Chair of IEEE Student Branch at Hokkaido University reported the activity. In the Q & A session, explanations were given on how to launch the new branch and benefits of launching it, and the recruitment of the members was done.

There were not many opportunities for students to plan and exchange sessions at ordinary academic meetings and it was a good experience. Also, I was able to deepen the exchange between universities and fields through questions and chat.

IEEE Student Branch Leadership Training Workshop 2016

Aug. 5-6,  2016, Uesaka and Kikuchi  participated in IEEE SBLTW 2016 held in Kyoto, Doshisha University, as IEEE Hokkaido University Student Branch.

On the first day, we have a poster presentation about our activity in 2015. And on the second day,  we have the IEEE quiz tournament and student discussion.

In the IEEE quiz tournament, Kikuchi was the fifth place (prize: Kyoto Yatsuhashi),  in the student discussion, Uesaka gave a presentation as a representative.

IEEE Student Branch Leadership Training Workshop 2015

We participated as IEEE Hokkaido University Student Branch to IEEE SBLTW 2015 which was held on 15-16 May at Waseda University.

On the first  day, we made a presentation on our activities and some researches of SB members at poster session. On the second day, we were divided into some groups according to each theme and made a discussion, and representatives of these group presented in three minutes.

In addition, a joint reception party of IEEE Metro Area Workshop (MAW) was held. We had good experience by interacting with the other students and working people.